The squirrells that sing in your head. (singinsquirrell) wrote in random_rantings,
The squirrells that sing in your head.

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I visited my Aunt's house yesterday, and boy was it boring. There are two things I really need to whine about.

1. When people hear you're a vegetarian and the conversation goes a bit like this

Them: So you don't eat any meat at all?
Me: No.
Them: Well, I'm making tacos. You don't even eat certain kinds of turkey?
Me: No, none at all.
Them: No meat whatsoever?
Me: *fumes*

2. People who think the internet is only a collection of sites used to chat with people. Yesterday they let me use the computer, and the only thing they asked me was "So, who did you chat with?" This irks me. THere are many other sites that aren't chatrooms. Actually, I don't think there are many sites with chatrooms at all, only instant messaging systems.
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