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I feel a bit sad I wasn't the first to post in this community, but whatever. Life's life.

My rant today: "Tear here" things on toilet paper dispensers.

Okay. You go to a public restroom... You reach for the toilet paper. You find one of those giant dispensers that hold like, 3 giant rolls of toilet paper. There's a serrated edge that says "tear here" on it. Those things are completley useless. Seriously. WHen you try to "tear here" it never works. Usually it pushes the entire strip into the corner where the side of the dispenser meets the tear here edge, and the paper gets scrunched up into a little bunch that makes it impossible to tear, and screws everything up for the next poor soul that tries to "tear here." Another thing, who ever thought those things would even work? Those little triangles are massive hunks of plastic, not ample material for tearing toilet paper. Well, I guess if it was all thin it would work, but it's not. It's about a half a centimeter thick, and really dull, so it's the equivalent of pressing toilet paper against a hunk of plastic and hoping it would break.

Another thing about them, I hate it when you reach fot the toilet paper, and the roll is facing away from you, so you have to lean forwards to reach it at all; reach in with both hands, so you don't have to use the tear here thing; and try to take it out. It hurts your stomach. Those that have been to my house know the odd toilet paper situation in my bathroom. You have to almost get up to reach it. Of course, where it was before wasn't all that desirable either. My bathroom just wasn't made to have toilet paper.

Hobbit out!
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